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    Blue Chip Consulting
    Jean Holland, President
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    Accounting & Web Integration Specialists

    Retail Accounting and eCommerce Website Integrations that work!




    What We Do

    Retail Accounting Integrations

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    The Blue Chip Integrator can connect your retail system to your accounting system either with a silent daily posting or through our friendly user interface.

    Retail systems supported are:

    TeamWork Retail
    Microsoft Retail Management System
    Retail Management Hero
    Springboard Retail

    The Blue Chip Integrator current supports the following accounting systems either by direct integration or through a file interface:

    QuickBooks Online
    QuickBooks Desktop
    Great Plains
    SAGE 50

    New integrations under development are:

    Microsoft Business Central

    eCommerce Website Integrations

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    The Blue Chip Web Integrator can communicate with your web store to import orders to your retail system. It can also post directly to your accounting system. A seamless process can update items, prices and inventory giving you more time to develop your business.

    Currently the Blue Chip Integrator supports:

    Big Commerce
    Woo Commerce

    Special Services

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    Blue Chip prides itself on prompt and effective support. You can reach out to us around the clock for assistance and answers.

    Blue Chip team members have been in the retail technology industry since 1980, originally supporting large mainframe retail systems. Today Blue Chip uses the latest in technology for both cloud based and workstation based systems. The strength of the individual team members allows Blue Chip to respond to even the most difficult technology issues.

    Blue Chip also has the ability to customize a solution for your needs. Many of our clients have special circumstances that are not easily handled with “out of the box” solutions.

    While we do have a standard configuration for our products, we can make adjustments for you as needed.



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    2974 SE Cates Circle
    Port Saint Lucie, FL 34952

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    Phone: +1 734 761 9107
    Fax: +1 734 761 9109