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Accounting Integrations

Blue Chip Link

The Blue Chip Accounting Link is visual, simple and fast. Post sales journals, inventory receipts and bills, transfers and accounts receivable with ease. The Blue Chip Accounting Link summarizes and presents the information to you for review and then with one click, posts to your accounting package.
Credit Card Integrations

Blue Chip CC Options

Blue Chip supports two primary credit card integrations.  One with the Clover device and one with the VX-805 device. These integrations work with RMS and RMH.

See the demo of the Clover here:

Clover Credit Card Device Demo

See the demo of the VX-805 here:

VX-805 Demo

Custom Solutions

Blue Chip Customizations

If the data exists in your retail system, chances are Blue Chip can extract it and present it in a way that helps you streamline your business.  Whether it be to communicate with your vendors or give your buyers helpful information, Blue Chip can customize reports and data transfers to meet your needs for EDI, export or reporting.
Web Integrations

Blue Chip Web Store Integrations

Blue Chip can pull your orders and push your new and updated products to your web store.  When your inventory is right you will display only what you have and at the right price.

The Blue Chip Web Integration runs at intervals defined by you to make sure your orders get fulfilled in a timely fashion and that everything is up to date.